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HER Campus – Lacking Energy


Fresh Eats II: Lacking Energy? It Could Be Iron Deficiency Anemia

Monday, November 8, 2010

Is Mr. Sandman coming to get you when you have to be your most awake during the day? Well, it may not be just a lack of sleep from the night before, but the most common nutrition disorder in the world.

Iron deficiency anemia affects one in five American females, according to The deficiency is due to a lack of sufficient amounts of iron in their diet. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) explains, “Women are more likely to suffer from an iron deficiency anemia because the flow of blood from monthly period contains iron.”

If iron deficiency anemia goes untreated, heart problems may develop and lead to a rapid or irregular heartbeat.  MayoClinic explains that since iron creates the oxygen carrying protein, hemoglobin, which transports oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body.  If there is a deficiency, the lack of oxygen causes your heart to compensate and pump more blood.

To avoid this kind of deficiency, there a few foods you can eat that will help put iron in your system and increase your energy:

– Meat: beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey
– Dark Leafy Veggies: broccoli, mustard greens, and a variety of lettuces
– Dried Fruit – raisins, prunes, apricots, cranberries
– Beans, Peas, Seeds
– Potato Skins
– Whole Wheat Bread
– Vitamin C & Citric Acids – oranges, grapefruit, lemon, lime

Now what do you eat if you can’t afford or do not have access to the foods above?  There are plenty of options on campus that can help add to daily iron intake.

Some iron enriched options around campus include:

– SAC: Make yourself a salad from the salad bar.  You can include your dark leafy veggies, dried fruit, beans, seeds, and occasionally meat depending on what time of the day you go. You can also pick up an orange or orange juice before you check out.

– Einstein Bagels: They carry the option of picking out a whole-wheat bagel with your choice of lunchmeat and lettuce.

– Charleston Market: This place in the SAC always has a different type of meat and a green vegetable to choose. You can also opt to get a baked potato or mashed potatoes if they are offered.

– Master Wok or any other Chinese Place on Campus: At these places, opt to get a meat with vegetable such as chicken/beef and broccoli or chicken/beef and vegetables.

– J&H: There is a wide variety of options at J&H that can help your iron deficiency needs. Once again there is the salad bar option that is also found in the SAC.  You can also create your own tacos or burger with meat and lettuce.

– Jimmy Johns: Get your sandwich on wheat bread or ask for the “un-wich,” which is basically a lettuce wrap style.  Here you will get your meat, dark leafy vegetable, bean sprouts, and wheat bread.

If you try to rearrange your diet and problems still persist, go to the student health center to get a blood test.  If you test positive for iron deficiency anemia, they can give you an iron supplement. The supplement will help boost iron in your system and energy in your every day life.

Exercise is also vital in keeping your energy up throughout the week.  So, head over to the gym and boost your cardio.  If you are not too fond of the idea of using one of the dreaded machines, try taking a fun class like Zumba.  To read more on Zumba follow this link:


HER Campus – Roommate Survival Tips


Roommate Survival Tips

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lions, and tigers, and roommates! OH MY!

Starting a new life at college can be one of the most challenging things a student may have to undergo, especially if you are moving in with a complete stranger! Whether this is your first time having to share a room or your first time without your sibling, having to live in tight quarters with a complete stranger can be awkward and sometimes scary.

But don’t worry, even if you and your roommate are already having troubles, there are a few things you can do to keep a healthy relationship with your roommate despite your differences. After all, you might as well make the best of the situation since you’ll be living with this person the rest of the year.

At Temple, the dorm coordinators make you and your roommates come up with a contract. However, that contract may not cover everything for you and your roomie to pleasantly live together.

THREE BIGGEST PROBLEMS: Quiet hours, Cleaning, and Food.

Come up with a particular time that you both agree on for the room to be quiet to either study or go to bed. Be open and honest with each other about what your own personal needs are. Do not forget that if you need extra time to study while your roommate is sleeping there are study rooms in 1300, 1940, and White Hall. The tech center and library are also open all night on weekdays.

Make a schedule for cleaning. Each week someone should get a different chore no matter how many people you share a room with. The different chores you can assign are cleaning the floors, cleaning the bathroom, taking out trash, or picking up. If you prefer to take care of your own things, clearly tell your roommate that you think you should both just clean up your own side of the room.

Food is a huge issue for roommates. Some people are used to sharing their food with a huge family and have no problem sharing with you or even eating your food. Other people, including myself, get testy when people their food. Be sure to clearly state how you feel about sharing food and if you roommate is not a fan of sharing, just don’t touch their food!


Whatever you do, ask before you borrow anything; even if its as small as a stapler. This will help keep from getting on your roommate’s nerves over little things. Make sure you always have permission and return whatever you borrowed as soon as possible. Also, be sure to talk about what is going too far with personal items and privacy.


If you and your roommate are already having communication problems, it’s not too late! Tell your roommate that you want to get to know them better and tell each other about yourselves. Talk about things like where you come from, your family, your likes and dislikes, hobbies, and beliefs. The more you know about your roommate, the more you’ll be understanding of their habits. Whatever you do, do NOT talk about your roommate. If you have a problem or something is bothering you, approach your roommate first. You do not want to be on bad terms because of gossip though!


Keep the environment friendly. With Halloween coming, maybe bring home a pumpkin for your roommate or decorate your room together for Autumn. This will let them know that you are putting forth an effort to be friends with them.


Find one night a week to designate as “Roommie Night.” Choose  one night a week you go to fourth meal together for a late night snack, join an organization together with a common interest you two share, go to a workout class together, or even go to a party. No matter what you are doing, just try to designate one night a week to bond. If you make it a weekly ritual, you both will always have something to talk about with each other.


Post up your schedules somewhere in your room. Put on your schedule your classes, work hours, workout schedule, and any other hours you may have. This will help give your roommate a good idea of when they will have the room to themself to have friends over or time to study.


If you try these tips and you and your roommate still can’t get along, don’t let that ruin your college experience. Be sure to come to some sort of agreement about your responsibility for the apartment or dorm room. If you can, try to get a room switch. Temple offers these within the first month of living in the dorms. But overall, relax! People have survived bad roommates before. Just join a club or organization so you can meet lots of new people.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your roommate bond and get closer. Remember, your roommate does not need to be your best friend, but it is always good to maintain a friendly and respectful relationship with them. Good luck!

How do you and your roomie work together to maintain a great environment? Tell us about it in the comments below!